We have established fully equipped laboratory to do all neccessary test of raw material and concrete as a product and have facility to mix design to ensure the quality and durability .We have facility to do calibration of plant and laboratory equipments to ensure the accuracy at plant. Our plant laboratory are fully equipped with latest testing equipment conforming to the requirements of relevant IS codes with the latest revision or morth specification or foreign standards such as BS, AASHTO, CEB-FIP etc.

The routine test done in the laboratories including the following:-

  • Aggregate Gradation
  • Moisture Content
  • Silt Content
  • Plastic Density
  • Compressive strength of concrete at 7 day & 28 day

The best quality of the cement sourced directly from the manufactures and the sand used is from the riverside tested for its coarseness and is thoroughly checked truck- wise before accepting. The raw material are tested by qualified engineers and maintained as per ISO guide lines.Plant has good cement store, site office, material yard.A separate sand purifier plant is running in plant premises for sand washing.